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Project owners can create their own tokens and token sales within a few clicks, and investors can participate in early-stage token sales at their own leisure.
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You won’t believe what you can do in one launchpad
Top Notch Security
All of the Featured Projects on the MoonSale platform have been fully audited by our trusted security partners with team members undergoing comprehensive KYC. MoonSale is proud to prioritise safety and security for its users.
Create your own launchpad
You can create a launchpad for your token in just a few minutes, and get it in front of thousands of eager investors!
Participate in countless Moon Launches
MoonSale brings you numerous innovative projects to invest from with fully KYC'ed teams and audited contracts.

Boost your Productivity

You can view the token chart, chat in the proiect's own Telegram - all within the MoonSale platform!
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Use in-app chart
In the same project’s launchpad page, you can view the token prefermoonace once it’s launched.
Token price
Using the MoonSale launchpad page, you can view the current price of a token you’ve invested in.
Interact with the community
While on the project page, vou can directly interact with the community using the telegram window.
Mint standard tokens on ETH, BSC, AVAX, Polygon.
Promote your launchpad to thousands of buyers on MoonSale.
Customize your token launch: add your logo, social links, project description, then list on MoonSale!
Generate deflationary tokens with tax and/or charity functions.
The portal to help you easily update content for your launchpad.
Projects without an audited will be flagged up.
Leverage MoonSale to market your project and reach a wider community.
Lock liquidity on PancakeSwap after presale. Maximise investor safety.
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